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The Technology, Internet, and Policy Specialist Group (TIP) is an international network of academics, practitioners, campaigners, journalists, and others with an interest in technology, the internet, and policy. The group seeks to promote academic engagement in policy debates and discourse that impact civil society, in particular by facilitating the exchange of ideas between academia and practitioners from various fields. You can learn more about our aims and agenda from our introductory launch blog.

Our Goals

What we're doing

Our Aim is to create a new network for all things technology, politics, policy and more. But we're doing things a little bit differently.

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We want to create a real and meaningful network for the debates surrounding the impact of tech and surrounding policy to our society.

But these matters need more than just insular chatter. We believe these debates need to be inclusive of researchers and practitioners. This includes academics, policy professionals, researchers, journalists, and those otherwise working within the tech and third sectors.

We want to do more than just talk just about research, but we plan to offer a full range of genuine and accessible dialogues to external communities, be that: collaborative readings, network created resources, webinars and practitioner opportunities, and of course, conferences.

Through this, we want to create an interdisciplinary hub where our members can tackle current challenges through a more nuanced approach.

Digital media isn’t new, and a group with a title like ours could have been set up years ago. But there’s a number of concurrent debates and challenges, which we feel can only be answered through the combined efforts of policy experts, tech practitioners, and research. The surrounding policy debates on subjects such as platform regulation, or the datafication of society have impacts far outside of technology but on wider politics and society too. These current debates need a more cohesive and informed network to respond to these issues – which is why now is the time to join.

Want to know more about our governing structure and the nuts and bolts of the group? You can find our constitution document here.

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The Technology, Internet, and Policy group is organised by an international collective of academics and practitioners. You can get in touch via our contact page.

Kate Dommett

Convenor, Sheffield University

Ashley Cresswell

Blog Editor, University of Manchester

Amber McIntyre

Civil Society Officer, Tactical Tech

Giulia Sandri

Events Officer, Université Catholique de Lille

Liam McLoughlin

Co-Convenor, University of Liverpool

Sarah Ledoux

Communications, University of Manchester

Declan McDowell-Naylor

Policy Officer, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Advisory group

The group also benefits from the expertise of our advisory group of eight representatives from a cross section of policy interests. This includes policy advisors, journalists, and civil servants who work in the area of digital technology and policy who help guide our strategic engagement activities and shape the overall group.

You don't need to meet us to get involved

While we run in-person events, our aim is to run most events online to be as accessible as possible.

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Regent House
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